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Pics from some of our recent adventures...

Waters good we still out here

A Day of Wilderness Exploration



In-home Care for you Pup



Obedience and Behavioral Modification




BOCA is a premium dog service. Our specialty is taking energetic dogs on wilderness adventures where they can run, jump, swim, and explore off-leash in a natural environment. After working all day and battling traffic to get home, a super excited dog that’s desperate for exercise and human interaction can be hard to manage. BOCA can solve that problem for you! While you’re at work, we’ll come and pick up your pup, take him or her for a 3 hour hike through one of the wilderness areas near Boston, and bring him or her home tired and happy. We’ll send you tons of pictures showing just how much fun your pup is having on his or her adventure, and provide you with a GPS route of where we went on that particular day. 

We incorporate “good dog” behavior training into our walks, so not only will your pup be getting exercise, we’ll also help to practice and reinforce behaviors like: sit-stays, greeting new people and dogs, coming when called, and staying with the group while off-leash. This is included in our normal adventure service, but we also do private training for dogs who have behavioral issues like aggression or who need obedience skills like walking without pulling. If you have a dog who needs some training, we’d love to work with you! In addition to adventure walks and training, we offer a boarding service. We’ll bring your pup to our home for the entire time you’re gone and treat him or her like one of the family. With BOCA, you’ll know your pup is in good hands while you’re out of town!

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